Sound solutions

Course Description

This two-day course will help self-builders and installers to upskill in practical knowledge and understand the benefits of British Gypsum sound solutions. This course teaches attendees how to install British Gypsum’s Silent Floor System, Gypframe Single Frame System, GypLyner Single and GypLyner Independent. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of sound systems and problem noise. The course begins with registration and an important safety induction. After that attendees will do four hours of theory work and spend the rest of the time on practical installation. At the end of the course there will be a practical test with a pass or fail mark. On completing the course participants will understand acoustic terminology, know how to identify system components and install each product. They will develop confidence, safe methods of working and understand how to improve and maintain the acoustic performance within their project. Delivered by industry experts, this is a specialist course that delivers unique knowledge to the highest standard.

Course Summary

  • Duration - Two days
  • Products Used - BG Silent Floor, Single Frame, GypLyner Single and GypLyner Independent systems
  • Audience - Self builders and installers
  • Learning Outcome - Improved knowledge of sound systems and problem noise
  • Training Delivery - Theory and practical work
  • Teachers - Industry experts
  • Next Course – Internal Wall Insulation DriLyner Dab and Internal Wall Insulation GypLyner Single and Independent

Course locations

All of our courses are offered at the followling Training Academies:

  • East Leake, Loughborough
  • Kirkby Thore, Cumbria
  • Erith, Kent
  • Clevedon, North Somerset

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