Secured by Design installation support

Course Description

This single day of training and support is designed to help participants understand how to build Secured By Design (SBD) systems in practice on-site. The main aim is to upskill participants to efficiently install SBD systems in compliance with legal regulations and to the highest standards. It’s aimed at those still quite new to drylining who would like to take the next step to increase their knowledge. Following an on-site demonstration led by industry experts, participants will learn practically, using the tools, techniques and equipment they’ve been shown. By the end of the day, attendees will be able to demonstrate competency in installing SBD systems to manufacturer specifications. They’ll also show a sound understanding of best health and safety practices as well as legislation and legal requirements. We want every participant to feel they can become a trusted, confident and reliable professional who can play a part in raising standards, industry-wide.

Course Summary

  • Duration - One day
  • Audience - Drylining beginners
  • Learning Outcome - Upskilling in Secured by Design installation
  • Training Delivery - Face-to-face and practical
  • Teachers - A British Gypsum Interior Solution Trainer

Course locations

All of our courses are offered at the followling Training Academies:

  • East Leake, Loughborough
  • Kirkby Thore, Cumbria
  • Erith, Kent
  • Clevedon, North Somerset

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