Commercial wall lining

Course Description

This one-day course gives participants the skills to install metal wall-lining systems for the commercial sector to the highest quality. Using British Gypsum’s two metal framed wall-lining systems, GypLyner Single and GypLyner Independent, the course is ideal for installers, supervisors or contractors with little or no previous experience of commercial wall-linings. It’s also a good follow-up for anyone who’s already completed either of our metal stud courses. Participants will take part in a short induction at the start of the course, followed by a range of practical activities. They will learn how to identify components, set out each system, form openings, t-junctions and corners for both single and multilayer boarding and can informally ask questions throughout the day. Following a recap session at the end, participants will be able to demonstrate a full understanding of both types of wall-lining systems. This training is delivered by industry experts to the highest standards and is a great springboard to our GypWall Single Frame Partitions and GypCeilings courses.

Course Summary

  • Duration - One day
  • Products Used - GypLyner Single and GypLyner Independent
  • Audience - Beginners and those who have completed a BG metal stud course
  • Learning Outcome - A full understanding of both wall-lining systems
  • Training Delivery - Face-to-face and practical work
  • Teachers - Industry experts
  • Next Course - GypCeilings courses, Introduction and Advanced GypWall Single Frame Partition Course

Course locations

All of our courses are offered at the followling Training Academies:

  • East Leake, Loughborough
  • Kirkby Thore, Cumbria
  • Erith, Kent
  • Clevedon, North Somerset

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