Digital commercial site manager

Course Description

The Digital Commercial Site Managers Course runs across four, one-hour modules that are delivered remotely on Microsoft Teams. The course focuses on the correct installation of British Gypsum products relating to fire and acoustics. It makes learning flexible for supervisors or site managers who prefer not to take a whole day off-site for training. Each module covers a different topic in an online classroom and has a multiple choice quiz at the end to check learning. Attendees will begin with system testing, plasterboard types and their correct installation, followed by modules for GypWall Partition Systems, GypCeiling MF and acoustic ceiling products. The final module covers plasterboard finishing and quality standards. By the end of the course participants will be able to understand and describe the problems and implications when products aren’t installed correctly. They’ll feel confident in educating and talking to installers about them and understand how the SpecSure warranty relates to each product or system. With teaching delivered by industry experts, this course is a great way to upskill in competency and avoid the costly callbacks that incorrect installation can cause.

Course Summary

  • Duration - Four hours, split into one-hour modules on Microsoft Teams
  • Products Used - GypWall Single Frame Partitions, Single Frame Partition Enhanced, GypWall Silent, GypWall Twin Framed Braced, GypWall Shaft and GypCeiling MF
  • Audience - Site managers and supervisors
  • Learning Outcome - Installation and safety knowledge for products relating to fire and acoustics
  • Training Delivery - Remote learning in an online classroom
  • Teachers - Industry experts

Course locations

All of our courses are offered at the followling Training Academies:

  • East Leake, Loughborough
  • Kirkby Thore, Cumbria
  • Erith, Kent
  • Clevedon, North Somerset

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